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Angola, Tchad e RCA reafirmam diálogo para a fraternidade na região

Os Presidentes de Angola, Tchad e da República Centro Africana (RCA) decidiram, quinta-feira, em Luanda, continuar os contactos políticos para manter a fraternidade entre os países da região, após apreciarem a situação prevalecente na RCA.

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10/02/2023  ÚLTIMA ATUALIZAÇÃO 09H19

Luanda- The Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Angola Press Agency (Angop), Josué Salusuva Isaías, this Tuesday highlighted the commitment to training staff, to face the modernization process of the only news agency in Angola.
According to the official, who was speaking at the opening session of the V Extended Advisory Board, the intention is to provide the company's professionals with the tools necessary for the production of content with

According to Josué Salusuva Isaías, within the framework of the investment in the incorporation of a pre-payment system for multimedia products, of its own initiative, to be made available to traditional customers, the company's gaze passes through the production of quality content.

Josué Salusuva Isaías also highlighted the need to identify best practices to manage this business, creating a culture of efficiency, which aims to make the interaction between the headquarters and the provincial delegations increasingly fluid, as well as standardize procedures to facilitate administrative operations and financial.

As part of the strategy to improve coverage, at municipal and commune level, of the 2022 general elections in the country, he said that a strategy is being implemented to bring the mission to a successful conclusion.

Regarding the look of the company, he highlighted the materialization of the agency's profound change
  which changed its visual identity, opting for a redesign and modernization of colors, such as  way to better convey the message to the customer about the company's current situation.

For three days, the participants will take stock of the execution of the actions programmed during the IV council and outline strategies to improve the coverage of the general elections, scheduled for 2022, and of the daily agendas.

The agenda also includes an approach to the importance of telecommunications and information technologies for journalistic work, and
  lectures on labor legislation and on ethics and professional deontology.

In their last consultative council, the participants had recommended that, among other things, technical refreshment actions be carried out in the preparation of news and other journalistic genres, the creation of a network of permanent trainers to continue to take care of the professional technical updating of journalists.

Created in July 1975, under the name Agência Nacional Angola Press (ANAP), at first, its works were distributed in the form of a printed bulletin, until, on 30 October of the same year, it launched its first telegraphic dispatch.


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